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Quick history of my vision symptoms:

11/06 - Sudden onset of palinopsia...seeing trails...a series of images behind a moving object. Experienced sudden unnatural fatigue at the same time...eyelids turned to lead weights...had to sleep every 3 hrs.

02/07 - Sudden onset of intense photophobia triggering intense eye pain and a migraine-like headache above my brow.

07/07 - Sudden onset of floaters and squiggles, VS, and worsening of palinopsia. Photophobia and pain continue daily.

11/07 - VS intensified, palinopsia progressed to seeing words I read hours earlier emblazened on my inner lids. Photophobia and pain continue daily, along with the fatigue

Lab results:
ANA - negative
TPO - (thyroid antibody): 522 normal = <60 u/ml
Rheumatoid Factor: 20 normal = <10 iu/ml

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